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It's an 8-bit Life

The continued and hopefully better adventures in the 8-bit Universe! Please enjoy the sequel/reboot! Join on up with Calore and Forte as they find a new home and try to adjust to a new life with their new friend and landlord Dr. Frost! Meanwhile Protoman goes off on his own and things continue back at Light Laboratories... but is everything as it seems? Will the peace truly last? In many other Megaman universes, Dr. Wily has managed to survive even when having his base fall atop him. And who's to say some other horrible villain won't rise up? All the answers lie within, as the cast live out their 8-bit lives.


Slumping Inspiration

I will admit now that I've been having a slump of inspiration, or more likely motivation. While a part of me thinks I might try to make even a simple lazy update today, I just don't know.

Part of it is the fact that I am going to have to create more backgrounds. Part of it is having to make props as well for the rest of the current storyline.

And I will admit, some of it is the fact there hasn't been many comments.

Please don't take that as a request for comments. If people don't want to leave comments that's fine. That is their own choice. I admit lack of feedback or even just appreciating the comics does take some of the fun out of it, comments for comics (and fanfics or any sort of art) always bring a feeling of vindication, and as my own worst critic that probably doesn't help any.

I will try to mke updates on my days off (with hopefully at least one comic this weekend even though I work all of it) but after that I will likely just update when I feel like it. I want to have fun with this comic, and trying to make comics when I'm not in the mood makes it feel like work. And I do enough of that at my job.

Figured those who are reading and have favorited it at least deserved an explanation for the lack of updates of late.

I can say, that if I decide to cancel/stop the comic, I will say so. Unlike with the last one though, I don't really have such plans. This time I have no intention of deleting my sprite comicking folders (if for no other reason then how much of a pain it would be to rebuild it) so if I end up going on a hiatus, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of the comic.

Hope folks enjoy the first week of April starting tomorrow! And do be sure to celebrate April Fools as well

Posted by Kuragari @ March 31st, 2017, 7:22 am
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Update Schedule!

There isn't one. Not really. It's mostly update when I feel inspired enough to make a comic. Unlike in the past, I'm not making a backlog, and am doing this only so long as it's fun and entertaining for me. I want to enjoy this additional means of creative expression, and am so far doing so.

I will try to post a comic at least once every 1-3 days, but there's no guarantee of this. I will however endeavor to not go on any long hiatus's.

Posted by Kuragari @ March 8th, 2017, 9:45 am
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I have returned! I don't know for how long, but I intend to try and get things going again with this reboot/sequel of It's an 8-bit World. Where 8-bit World was mostly meant to be funny all the time, I'm going to try and do something a bit different here. I'm not sure how well it'll work, but hey we'll have to wait and see!

I have no set update schedule in mind, and will do this as long as I find it fun and entertaining... or at least a useful time sink that isn't playing games.

I hope everyone enjoys the new comic!

Posted by Kuragari @ February 16th, 2017, 1:17 pm
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