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This page is used to give thanks and credit to all those whose sprites and what not I use for the comic, and other things like software. Below the general statement that shall follow this will be a list of those whose Sprites I make use of. If I have no knowledge of the name of the person whose sprites I'm using, I'll list the sprite sheet in question.


While I have never claimed anyone's sprites when making It's an 8-bit World, I have in the years since I made sprite comics matured a bit, and while some views still hold sway, I feel that it is imperative that I make sure to give credit where credit is due. Just because I am making this comic for my own, and hopefully, the amusement and entertainment of others, is no reason to not go ahead and give credit. Even if I am not claiming them, there are those out there that would say reasonably from their point that if I don't credit the creators, I am doing nothing more then stealing their work.

I personally believe that if one can find the sprite online and save it or rip it from a web-page via screenshotting, it's free to use. I believe this even for my own sprites few though they were (though I hope to try and change that.) I at least am someone who doesn't particularly care if my creations are used by someone else, at least as long as their not making any money off it.

But because I know there are those for whom even use without permission is frowned upon, I feel it necessary to make this page. To make sure that any sprites I use have credit given where credit is due. To show that I am not stealing anyone's work, merely using them to create something that is fun for me and others.

To all those listed below, I give you my thanks for the time, work and effort you put into these awesome sprites. Thank you, and good day.


Megaman, Bass/Forte, Protoman, and Sanitary/Roll Sprites by Availation Productions

Edited Dr. Light Sprites by Djoing

Expanded Quint Sprites, credit to whomever made them

Dr. Wily Edited Sprites by Game Over from Sprite INC

Dr. Ronald Frost and Frozoneman by MasterMind9

The Ran Cossack Sprites, credit to the creator of a famous webcomic sprite character

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